Sponsorship and advertising

The City is interested in developing marketing partnerships with organizations that want to offer value to their employees and/or customers and create a strong balance between business objectives and corporate responsibility.  Funds generated through the program may be used to maintain and/or improve programs and services, and enhance the experience of the audience participating in City programs.  Participating organizations will receive a variety of marketing and promotional opportunities as well as year-round recognition for their contribution to improving the lives of citizens in London.

Our community

The City of London offers high quality parks, recreation programs, sport services and facilities that engage citizens of all ages and abilities.  The parks and recreation system plays a significant role in strengthening our community by creating opportunities for residents to lead healthy, socially active lives by supporting vibrant, connected, and engaged neighbourhoods; a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community; caring and compassionate services; amazing arts, culture and recreation experiences; and providing a healthy, safe and accessible City.

The sponsorship and advertising program gives local businesses, service groups and individuals the opportunity to creating a lasting legacy of community support. Each custom built sponsorship package is linked to your marketing objectives, allowing you to promote your products and services, and build brand awareness and customer loyalty with 383,000 London and area residents.


When businesses support the community – the community supports the business.  77% of Canadians like to buy from brands that contribute to worthy causes.  Sponsoring a City of London facility or program will not only increase your visibility in the community, it will demonstrate your corporate values and commitment to making life better in London.  A custom sponsorship package can focus on your social responsibility, help generate store traffic, showcase a product, capture a database, create general awareness and increase consumer loyalty. 68% of Canadians will remain loyal to a brand that supports a good cause, even if they can buy for less elsewhere.

We can connect your brand to over 1.8 million annual visitors to our community ice rinks, over 1 million visitors to our community recreation centres, over 150,000 annual visitors to our seniors centres, 150,000 visitors to Storybook Gardens and 120,000 annual visitors to our City of London golf courses. 

We will create a custom sponsorship package by defining your target audience and ideal customers while at the same time helping create a strong and positive impact in our community.

Facility sponsorship

A local arena is typically one of the busiest facilities in the community. The City of London operates 11 indoor arenas that offer skating, ringette and hockey during the winter; ball hockey, lacrosse and other team sports during the summer. Summer ice is available at Bostwick Arena. 

Our community arenas attract over 1.8 million visitors on an annual basis.  The typical hockey family spends an average of 7 hours a week at the ice rink. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available at each facility.

These include:

  • Argyle Arena
  • Carling Arena
  • Farquharson Arena
  • Silverwood Arena
  • Stronach Arena
  • Bostwick Arena
  • Kinsmen Arena
  • Lambeth Arena
  • Medway Arena
  • Nichols Arena
  • Oakridge Arena

The City of London also operate 17 community centres that attract over 1 million annual visitors.  Londoners of all ages uses these facility year round.

These include: 

  • Bostwick Community Centre
  • Boyle Memorial Community Centre
  • Byron Optimist Community Centre
  • Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre
  • Civic Gardens
  • Earl Nichols Recreation Centre
  • Hamilton Road Seniors’ Centre
  • Kinsmen Recreation Centre
  • Kiwanis Seniors’ Community Centre
  • Lambeth Community Centre
  • Medway Community Centre
  • North London Optimist Community Centre
  • South London Community Centre’
  • Springbank Gardens
  • Springbank Gardens Community Centre
  • Stoney Creek Community Centre
  • Stronach Community Recreation Centre

The City of London offers 90 holes of golf at three municipal golf courses; Thames Valley, Fanshawe and River Road. These facilities combine to attract over 120,000 annual visitors.  Golf in general tends to attract affluent players and decision makers.  The average golfer spends over 300 hours a year at the golf course.  

Storybook Gardens attracts upwards of 170,000 annual visitors and is a great way to reach young families that are entering their prime spending years.  Sponsorship opportunities include new and existing attractions and special events.  The winter skating trail is London’s favourite place to go outdoor skating and attracts up to 20,000 people each season.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available at our aquatic centres, sports fields, outdoor skating rinks, dog parks, skateboard parks, playgrounds, community gardens and bike trails. 

Program sponsorship

Sponsoring a City of London program gives you an opportunity to connect directly with the residents that use our facilities. Tell us who you want to reach and what causes are important to your company. We will create a customized plan that places your brand in front of local consumers.  Opportunities include:

  • Public Swims
  • Public Skates
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Adult Fitness Drop-In
  • Learn-to-Swim
  • Youth Sports Programs
  • Mobile Stage
  • Adult Sports Leagues
  • Outdoor Summer Aquatic Programs
  • Shade Structures at Outdoor Facilities
  • Older Adult Drop-In Programs
Arena advertising

Arena advertising has been around since the early 1970’s and is a great way to reach millennial hockey families. The City of London operates 18 ice pads and 1 dry pad at 11 facilities, and in 2018 we had over 1.8 million visitors to our community ice rinks. Arena advertising is a great way to increase your brand awareness in front of young and active families. The typical hockey family spends an average of seven hours a week at the ice rink, meaning your message will be seen on a regular basis, allowing you to create a strong emotional tie with potential customers. 

Rinkboard ads are the most common form of arena advertising, but many of our facilities offer customized options such as digital video, scoreboard banners, wall murals, door wraps and Zamboni wraps. Opportunities vary by facility.

Dundas Place sponsorship

Dundas Place is London’s first flex street that is designed to help transform downtown into a vibrant hub of community activity.   It will be used for festivals and events that will bring the core area to life throughout the entire year.  Sponsorship opportunities will help make Dundas Place come alive and will giving you unprecedented exposure to over 1.5 million vehicles and 2.5 million pedestrians each year.

Advertising in City parks

To advertise in City parks, please contact City of London Recreation by calling 519-661-5575, emailing recreation@london.ca or filling out the form using the button below.

The park advertising process is intended to streamline bookings for organizations looking to have signage placed in designated city parks. This program is available to charitable organizations, not-for-profit organizations and community groups. The City reserves the right to make exceptions for other groups if the intended message is aimed at the betterment of the community.

Applicable Guidelines
  • Signage to be in place for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time per location. This includes set-up and take-down time.
  • Signage found to be in place beyond the dates specified on a renter's contract will be charged an additional $35 fee per day until removed, and renter will be unable to book new signage contracts until any outstanding account balances have been paid in full.
  • Signage campaigns are not permitted earlier than six weeks prior to the starting date of the event being advertised.
  • Only 1 site per quadrant of the city will be considered at any time for the same signage (maximum signs allowable in any 2 week period would be 4).
  • The City of London reserves the right to decline signage contracts or book signage at a particular location due to repetitive or similar messaging as previous requests or message oversaturation.
  • Organizations are allowed to have one signage campaign running at any time, regardless of location or number of sites booked.
  • Only the locations listed on the online form will be considered for booking (no exceptions).
  • Cancelled contracts will not be eligible for a refund.

This program can only authorize signage in city parks, not on any road allowances.

Timelines and fees for booking requests (2020 fees)
  • Facility Specific User Groups (i.e.. London Aquatic Club, Forest City Dive Club, Other Affiliated Sports Groups) with recurring bookings at City of London facilities may book up to 12 months in advance. The first sign is Free*.  The second, third or fourth sign is $35 per location.
  • Charitable Organizations, Not for Profit Organizations, Community Organizations and Recreational Groups  advertising an event that is occurring on City of London property, Low/ no cost to attend, event/ Campaign supporting cause beneficial to the whole community (not a targeted group), may book up to 8 months in advance.  The first sign is Free.  The second, third and fourth sign is $35 per location.
  • Charitable Organizations, Not for Profit Organizations, Community Organizations and Recreational Groups advertising an event that is not occurring on City of London property may book up to 3 months in advance. The first, second, third, and fourth sign is $35 per location.

*in the designated signage space outside the facility they are most frequently using (if no signage space at that facility, option of closest locations to choose from).

Booking process
  1. Complete the Advertising in City Parks Request Form.
  2. Once the form has been completed and sent, you will be contacted by city staff within 2 business days to confirm availability of requested space as well as associated costs.
  3. Once finalized, your organization will be required to make payment (due at time of booking) and sign and return the completed contract.

Questions?  Contact Parks and Recreation Customer Service at 519-661-5575 or recreation@london.ca.

The City reserves the right to limit the number of locations and total bookings for any group based on demand and in the spirit of providing equal access to all groups looking to participate in the park advertising program.

Advertising in City Parks Request Form

Our current sponsors
Name Description
Libro Credit Union

Libro Credit Union passionately invests in youth leadership and career skill development in communities across southwestern Ontario.

As a proud supporter of the City of London's Leader in Training Program, Libro is committed to ensuring that youth receive guidance, mentorship and development they need to succeed.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a proud supporter of the Tim Hortons' free swims and skates across the City of London.

Through this contribution, Tim Hortons is providing an opportunity for families to be active together.

Beck Hearing Aid Centre Inc.

Beck Hearing Aid Centre Inc. has been helping London hear for over 50 years! Beck is a proud sponsor of our Seniors' recreation centres and is committed to helping everyone get the most out of life by staying active and connected.

Through their sponsorship of a wide variety of programs, Beck's goal is to keep you in the conversation.




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