600 Oxford Street West

What is proposed?

Official Plan and Zoning amendments to allow:

  • “Office”, “retail”,  “commercial recreation establishments” and “automotive uses, restricted” uses within existing buildings;
  • A reduced minimum westerly interior side yard depth of 1.25m, whereas 4.5m is required;
  • A reduced minimum easterly side yard depth of 4.05m, whereas 4.5m is required;
  • A reduced landscaped open space of 8%, whereas 15% is required;
  • A reduced minimum parking setback of 0m from the ultimate road allowance, whereas 3m is required; and 
  •  Existing number of parking spaces 

Notices of Application and Meetings

Notice of Community Information Meeting – none planned at this time

Applicant’s Background Reports and Drawings 

Staff Planning Reports

Council Decision

 For more information, file status or to provide comments please contact the planner for the file.

Last modified:Thursday, April 07, 2022